Let us tell you a little about ourselves, our country and our city

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and number 3 in population, with almost 3 million people living in Buenos Aires, the country's capital city. The great flow of immigrants arriving between the late 1890s and 1920s from Europe and other parts of the world has greatly influenced Argentina's varied and unique culture. Argentina is divided into 23 provinces which behold different landscapes, accents and customs.
Each and every one of them is unique and definitely worth knowing.


Buenos Aires is the biggest city in Argentina and its people value its culture, sports, and gastronomy. People from Buenos Aires are called "porteños", as the port of Buenos Aires has been and still is the country's most important one. Porteños are a rare mix. They are loud, warm and very, very attached to family and friends. Argentines tend to make friends almost everywhere they go, and take care of those friendships for a lifetime.

Below you will find 10 reasons to visit Buenos Aires, although there are many more!

Hundreds of theatres
Football, a passion for all
Attractions everywhere
Food for all tastes
Broad variety of museums
Street Art
Nature and fresh air