An emblem with Buenos Aires’ personality

Our source of inspiration for the identity of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games could not be other than our own city: it’s not-so-hidden spots, iconic architecture, neighbourhoods and culture.

We took the city’s infinity of vibrant colours to truly capture its essence, diversity and versatility.

The colours and shapes used in Buenos Aires 2018’s emblem clearly mirror the city’s personality:

Each of the four clusters, as well as the Learn & Share Programme were assigned one of the colours of our palette:

  • RocaCluster
  • CyclingCluster
  • WaterCluster
  • GreenCluster
  • Cultural and Education Programme /Learn & Share

Check out our emblem!

Every corner of our city is present in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, even in the Game´s emblem. Watch the video and see how we created each of the elements of the emblem that will identify us throughout these years filled with sports, culture, education, friendship and more!